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Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 20 KWH lithium battery 48V 400AH – WG48400E 6500 cycles

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 20 KWH lithium battery 48V 400AH – WG48400E 6500 cycles

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 20 KWH lithium battery

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6500 Cycles

15 Years Product Warranty, 26+ years lifespan

Model No WG48400E
Voltage 51.2V
Capacity 400Ah
Energy 20.48KwH
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1120x458x385mm
Weight 229.5kg
Life time (25ºC) 15 years
Life cycles(80% DOD, 25°C) 6500 Cycles
Storage time / temperature 5 months @ 25°C; 3 months @ 35°C; 1 month @ 45°C
Operation temperature -20°C to 60°C @60+/-25% Relative Humidity
Storage temperature 0°C to 45°C @60+/-25% Relative Humidity
Lithium Battery Standard UL1973, UL9540A, IEC62619,CE-EMC, UN38.3, MSDS
Enclosure protection rating IP21
Operation voltage 51.2 Vdc
Max. charging voltage 56Vdc
Cut-off Discharge Voltage 46 Vdc
Max. charging and discharging current 200A
  • Iron phosphate-lithium power battery
  • Long warranty period:15 years
  • Higher energy density, smaller volume for household.
  • Support connected in parallel mode for expansion up to 20 batteries.
  • Battery management system (BMS): The battery packs built-in BMS monitors its operation and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations.
  • Expand ability: This battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs in parallel connection.


Lithium battery pack is not same as lead-acid battery, so for the devices which you connect with the battery pack for charging or discharging, such as inverters, MPPT charger controllers or UPS, please implement pre-settings as recommended settings as below before you launched them.

Max. Charging Voltage 56V
Floating charging Voltage 56V
Max. Charging Current 200A*N
Cut-off voltage 46V


Green Bank introducing the latest and the greatest, the Elite range 20KWH Lithium Battery 400AH with 6500 cycles and massive 15 years warranty

Battery features:

  • 20KWH Lithium Battery has grade A cells with over 6500 times cycle life besides, offer 15 years extended warranty available to increase ROI
  •  Build in intelligent BMS having protection functions in addition, over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and over-high or low temperature,
  • equally important, The system can automatically manage charge and discharge state and balance current and voltage of each cell.
  • 20KWH Lithium Battery support max 16pcs parallel besides, stack power.
  • max charge voltage of 56V nevertheless, max charge and discharge 200A= 10240Wh to AC loading.
  • furthermore, matched over 16 brands hybrid inverters in the world the majority of off grid inverters.
  • 20KWH Lithium Battery has a built in 400A double industrial heavy-duty power switch to ensure the battery safety, moreover there  a fuse installed on the negative port of the BMS to prevent over-current spikes.
  • furthermore each battery should be installed with DC 125A circuit breaker to ensure complete safety operation.
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4
Capacity (Ah) 400
Scalability Max.16pcs in parallel (320kWh)
Nominal Voltage (V) 51.2
Operating Voltage(V) 46-56
Energy (kWh) 20.48
Usable Energy (kWh) 20.48
Charge/Discharge Current (A) Recommend 200
Max. 300
Peak(2mins,25℃) 400
Other Parameter
Recommend Depth of Discharge 90%
Dimension (W/H/D,mm) 1120*485*385
Weight Approximate (kg) 229.50
Master LED Indicator 4 LED (SOC:25%~100%)
2 LED (working, alarming, protecting)
IP Rating of Enclosur IP20
Working Temperature Charge:0℃~55℃ Discharge:-20℃~55℃
Storage Temperature 0℃~35℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Altitude ≤2000m
Cycle Life (25±2℃,0.5C/0.5C,80%EOL) ≥6500
Installation Stand alone
Communication Port CAN2.0, RS485
Warranty Period [3] 15 years
Life Cycle Power During Warranty Period 89.68MWh@80% EOL
Certification UL1973, CB-IEC62619, CE-EMC, MSDS, UN38.3

Battery operations:

Firstly, this 20KWH Lithium Battery can communicate with wide range of inverters via CANBuS or RS485.

Secondly, This will enable the inverter to communicate fully and read the battery working parameters from the in-built battery management system.

Lastly, 20KWH Lithium Battery elite can be working for long time without human supervision or intervention.

Finally, the design of the lithium ion phosphate battery makes them extremely safe to use in extreme temperature.

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