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Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Custom build off grid systems using high quality products with long life span.

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Our Off-Grid Solar Systems

Customer built off-grid systems

Choosing the best off-grid solar system is not easy and off-grid systems are many times more complicated than common grid-connected solar systems because many people believe off-grid systems can be easily put together but this may be true in the case of a small caravan or cabin, so in reality, larger off-grid systems used for homes and businesses need to be carefully designed by an experienced solar installer or system designer.

Key considerations when sizing off-grid systems

Daily average energy consumption (kWh) – Summer and winter.
Peak load (kW) – Maximum power drawn from appliances.
Average continuous load (kW).
Solar exposure – Location, climate, orientation and shading.
Backup power options – During poor weather and blackouts.

Hybrid systems (can export excess energy to the grid)With the above considerations in mind, the key component of an off-grid power system is the main battery inverter often referred to as a hybrid inverter, and they can usually operate in both off-grid or on-grid modes.
off-grid systems (totally independent and work as stand-alone system), and used mostly in farms and places where there is no supply of electricity.

Green bank can design a complete off-grid or hybrid system according to your needs and also can supply pre-wired weatherproof cabinets ( plug and play) so it can be easy for installations for customers. Send us your requirements and we will be able to contact you with a reasonable and competitive price.