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Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 12 KWH lithium battery 48V 250AH -GB48250

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 12 KWH lithium battery 48V 250AH -GB48250

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 12 KWH lithium battery

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High Efficiency 6000 cycle

10 Years Product Warranty - Outdoor battery

Model GB48250
Total Capacity 12.0 KWH
Voltage 48
Nominal Voltage 51.2
Voltage Range 48-57.6
Recommend Charge Cut-off Voltage 57.6
Recommend Discharge Cut-off Voltage 48
MAX. Charge & Discharge Current 120A @10S
Recommend Charge & Discharge Current ≤100A
MAX. Output Power 6000W
Recommend Output Power 5000W
DOD ≥95%
Modules Connection 1~16 in parallel
Usable Capacity 10.24 KWH
Ingress Protection IP65
Cycle Life ≥6000,@25°C, @DOD80%
Working Temperature Range Discharge:-20°C to +60°C, Charge:+0°C to +55°C
Net Weight(KG) 79.0 KG
Gross Weight(KG) 98.0 KG
Product Dimension(MM) 630*185*845MM
Package Dimension(MM) 940*725*355MM

The battery system main using Solar power system for Family house. It also have a Built-in BMS to control the battery easily and protect our Household application timely.

  • Iron phosphate-lithium power battery
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Long warranty period: 10 years
  • Higher energy density, smaller volume for household.
  • Support connected in parallel mode for expansion.
  • Photovoltaic system: This battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems.
  • Battery management system (BMS): The battery packs built-in BMS monitors its operation and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations.
  • Expandability: This battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs in parallel connection.

Lithium battery pack is not same as lead-acid battery, so for the devices which you connect with the battery pack for charging or discharging, such as inverters, MPPT charger controllers or UPS, please implement pre-settings as recommended settings as below before you launched them.

Max. Charging Voltage 57.6V
Floating charging Voltage 57.6V
Max. Charging Current 100A*N
Cut-off voltage 48V

Compatible inverters:

compatiable inverters
compatiable inverters


Green Bank is offering12 KWH Lithium Battery 6000 cycles battery with IEC62619 certification – suitable for OUTDOOR

12 KWH Lithium Battery – 10 years warranty – 6000 cycles – 20+ years lifespan – Wall mount

Explore the Benefits of Lithium Batteries

the battery has the capability to connect in parallel for up to 16 battery banks.

makes it a unique up to 160KWH battery bank of 48V, 250Ah for commercial and residential settings., when it comes to safety , Lithium iron phosphate is one of the safest chemical combination that yet show a strong performance efficacy with the long life provided of 3000 cycles and its 2 years warranty in an affordable price point makes this battery bank is  customer’s choice to Lithium battery  into their existing solar system.

the XMJ48250 battery has its own state of art battery management system (BMS).

It ensures the best performance in majority of adverse working condition and one of the off-grid setups battery choices.

in addition, the GB48250 satisfies the ROI , it is considered one of the most economical value per usable KWH.

LiFePo4 batteries are nontoxic, makes it environmentally disposable better than many other battery solutions.

The design of the lithium iron phosphate batteries also makes them extremely safe to use in extreme temperatures

Lithium battery chemistry:

Lithium battery chemistry offers a considerably longer cycle life than other lithium-ion chemistry.

Under most conditions it supports more than 3,000 cycles, and under optimal conditions it supports more than 10,000 cycles. NMC batteries support about 1,000 to 2,300 cycles, depending on conditions.[5]

Mostly, the Lithium battery cells experience a slower rate of capacity loss (a.k.a. greater calendar-life) than lithium-ion battery chemistry such as cobalt  or manganese .

Finally, when it comes to the round trip energy efficiency (discharge from 100% to 0% and back to 100% charged) The average lead-acid battery is 80%. The round trip energy efficiency of a LFP battery is 92%. 

the GB48200 is number one choice when efficiency meets safety and return on investment.

Compatible inverters:

compatiable inverters

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