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Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 2.4 KWH lithium battery 12V 200AH – XMJ12200

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 2.4 KWH lithium battery 12V 200AH – XMJ12200

Green Bank Solar LiFePO4 3.0 KWH lithium battery


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High Efficiency

2 Years Product Warranty + additional 3 more years for extra cost


  • Iron phosphate-lithium power battery
  • Long warranty period:2 years
  • Higher energy density, smaller volume for household.
  • Support connected in parallel mode for expansion up to 6 batteries or series up to 4 batteries.
  • Photovoltaic system: This battery pack is designed for household photovoltaic systems.
  • Battery management system (BMS): The battery packs built-in BMS monitors its operation and prevents the battery from operating outside design limitations.
  • Expandability: This battery pack can be easily expanded by adding expansion battery packs in parallel connection.


Lithium battery pack is not same as lead-acid battery, so for the devices which you connect with the battery pack for charging or discharging, such as inverters, MPPT charger controllers or UPS, please implement pre-settings as recommended settings as below before you launched them.

Max. Charging Voltage 14.4V
Floating charging Voltage 14.4V
Max. Charging Current 60A
Cut-off voltage 10.5V

First,  Lithium battery Green Bank is unique of art compact size lithium battery

in addition, it has the capability to be connected in parallel for up to 6 battery banks, make it a unique up to 14.4 KWH battery bank of 12V, 200Ah for commercial and residential settings., when it comes to safety , Lithium iron phosphate is one of the safest chemical combination that yet show a strong performance efficacy with the long life provided of 3000 cycles and its 2 years warranty in an affordable price point makes this battery bank is  customer’s choice to Lithium battery  into their existing solar system.

the XMJ12250 battery has its own state of art battery management system (BMS).  that ensures the best performance in majority of adverse working condition and one of the off-grid setups battery choices.

in addition, the cells are CATL, CATL is the full name of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ld, is a leading lithium battery company all over the world located in Ningde, Fujian, China. CATL is the Number One Lithium battery manufacturer in China. CATL has very high quality factory with latest automatic technology. The company supplies more than 30 percent of the world’s batteries. CATL secured the mining rights for a lithium mining in Yichun in Jiangxi province for 123 million euros.

According to CATL,

Generally, The mine is expected to yield 2.66 million tonnes of lithium metal oxide makes this Lithium Iron phosphate chemical combination is here for years to come.

  • Lithium Battery Cell voltage
    • Minimum discharge voltage = 2.0-2.8 V[22][23][24]
    • Working voltage = 3.0 ~ 3.3 V
    • Maximum charge voltage = 3.60-3.65 V[25][26]
  • Volumetric energy density = 220 Wh/L (790 kJ/L)
  • Gravimeter energy density > 90 Wh/kg[27] (> 320 J/g). Up to 160 Wh/kg[1] (580 J/g).

Lithum battery chemistry offers a considerably longer cycle life than other lithium-ion chemistry. Under most conditions it supports more than 3,000 cycles, and under optimal conditions it supports more than 10,000 cycles. NMC batteries support about 1,000 to 2,300 cycles, depending on conditions.[5]

Mostly, the Lithium battey cells experience a slower rate of capacity loss (a.k.a. greater calendar-life) than lithium-ion battery chemistry such as cobalt  or manganese .


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