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Clean Energy is the future.
And the future is here.

In an effort to keep costs down and provide a quality product at an affordable price our manufacturing team is based offshore.

However, we are a local Melbourne based company who have been in operation since 2012 providing solar solutions to Australian properties and we don’t plan on going anywhere!

Our team at our Melbourne headquarters provide all R&D, engineering and quality control to make sure every product that leaves our HQ is of the highest standard. A product that we know we can back 100% that meets the expectations of our Australian consumers.

This is a question that pops up frequently mostly from customers that benefited from the past and ongoing GOV solar rebate schemes that existed to make solar affordable to Australian properties.

These schemes are fantastic in providing grid tied systems to homes but we have found a lot of our customers are being caught out when it comes to wanting to install battery storage to maximize the benefit of their installed systems.

We recommend when having a system fitted you make sure you ask your solar provider. We also encourage customers who are about to install their solar systems to get in touch with us first as we may be able to provide you a system that meets your demands, whether its a grid tied hybrid system or an off-grid package (so that you could become totally self sufficient). We will definitely have a package suited for you.


We provide a full Australian 2 years warranty to all our products. Which means on the rare occasion of an unexpected problem with one of our products, we will get it replaced for you. Not to mention our ongoing full support beyond warranty period that we offer to our clients. You simply can get in touch with one of our technicians right here in Melbourne so that we could have the issue troubleshooted for you in no time.

Also for the peace of mind of our clients, we offer a further 3 year extended warranty for an extra small cost.

This isn't a simple question to answer as solar systems, capacities, configurations and individual requirements are all different, therefore we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We are always here to provide the available options that suit each individual need.

At green bank we strive to understand our clients' requirements and what they would like to achieve with their end result solar system, then we endeavour to tailor a solar green bank package that fulfills those requirements.

Our years long statistics tells us that 65% of our clients are repeat customers so clearly buying a green bank product to us means a long-term relationship that we enjoy and highly appreciate with all our clients.