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We are a local Melbourne based Australian company operating since 2012.

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Offering a wide range of Solar products and specialising in Solar Lithium Batteries. With our longevity in the industry, you can trust that we will be around for many more years to come supporting our clients and keeping up with our ongoing technology innovation mission.

Although our lithium batteries are made offshore all R&D and Engineering has been done onshore right here in Melbourne. All Green Bank products undergo a series of extensive quality control processes before leaving us to our clients’ final destinations.

We take honour and pride standing behind our onshore Warranties. For our client’s further peace of mind, we offer warranty extensions to a selection of our Green Bank products for a reasonable extra cost. Green Bank offers supportive and ongoing Tech Support to each and every Green Bank client.
Unlike others, the journey with Green Bank clients doesn’t stop at the point of sale. We offer our clients full after-sale support. Our 24/7 over the phone troubleshooting service is there when needed. We can even assist with local installations through our Victorian expert installation partners.
Through the ongoing research and development of our Green Bank products and services,  our goal is to expand the Green Bank family where Green Bank Solar can be relied upon in every solar application.
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Each Green Bank battery is comprised of high-quality CATL cells and a BMS we back.
Green Bank Lithium batteries boast a large *5000-6000 full cycle capacity equating to up to 15 years of life span. Our lithium batteries have multiple usable power capacities to suit your solar system power generation. They also have the technology to connect up to 6 batteries together so that could also power the biggest of your Off-Grid power setups.
*this calculation is based on one full discharge cycle/day in a 25c ambient temperature

The Green Bank lithium battery is where the quality, reliability and affordability all meet. 

Our lithium battery technology has solved the years-long problem of non-sensible return on investment that other solar lithium batteries couldn’t solve.

So now, we look forward to answer any queries you may have.

For your financial future and the future of our planet

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Green Bank helps your financial future and the future of our planet!

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The Green Bank lithium battery is where the quality, reliability and affordability all meet.

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